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DTA Design System has been decommissioned

Hi everyone,

The Australian Government Design System has been decommissioned and will no longer be supported after 30 September 2021. This means the following GitHub repositories will no longer receive updates:

The DTA will no longer resolve issues, apply fixes or accept pull requests. The npm packages will continue to operate and allow teams to transition to alternative arrangements.
Thank you for your support, contributions, and use of the design system at all levels of government.

The Community of Practice and will be archived on 30 September 2021.

I have really enjoyed using the design system - a user friendly product with great components and flexible enough to implement a variety of designs.

Is there any reasoning behind this decision? Would you support an ongoing, community driven attempt at open source development?


The DTA’s direction changed and as part of that several products were ended, one being the Design System. I understand the external design system community on Slack are beginning a new design system and have reached out for people interested in helping its development.

DTA’s direction change - refer:

Order to identify the Minister responsible for the Digital Transformation Agency, and to Specify Functions for the Digital Transformation Agency

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Hey Gordon,

Thanks for the info, good to follow along! :slight_smile:

I know the direction predominately shifts the DTA to procurement over standards but reading the new directions it sounds like a Design System could still be supported? Especially if an external Slack community is going to become the new de-facto government standard…

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By “The Community of Practice … will be archived” does mean this site is being archived?

Whilst the design system will be archived with content being uploaded to the National Libraries archive. This community will be archived internally at the DTA.

@gordon.grace … What’s the reason behind decommissioning rather than MOG’ing it to a delivery agency? Eg. GovCMS seems like an appropriate home?

Or maybe a more important question is, what is the continuity plan for the 50’ish services currently using it?

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@treb (and others) FYI there’s some rapid community organising happening between between past and current contributors to the AuDS, gov teams that rely on it and community organisations to establish a “community supported” open source model

We’re committed to making this the best option for gov agencies and will be reaching out to understand their needs. Stay tuned for some public news in coming days!

Anyone who works with the AuDS and is interested in joining this group as a maintainer can contact


…and here’s a more formal announcement from the community maintainers :slight_smile: