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I’m interested in what you are building here for several reasons, but largely it ties into Drupal.

  1. We’re looking at implementing WCAG 2.1 and excited that Australia’s moving ahead on this too. Our discussions on this so far have been here:

  2. Australia uses a lot of Drupal. Mostly Drupal 7 at this point from what I understand, but many of the sites that this framework will sit on will be Drupal based. Possibly tied into the aGov framework. What work is being done to make this easier for your existing Drupal users?

  3. Personalization is increasingly important in the web and for removing barriers to PwD. Recently we’ve ported this module (D7 & D8) to the latest version of the Preferences Framework by OCAD’s IDRC:

You can see a demo of it on the site.

  1. Much of the open government initiative is about a shared first, open by default approach. I first heard about this from the UK Gov’s Alistair Duggin via twitter.

What are you doing to build a best practice collaboratively? How can I help get more people involved?


Hi @mgifford thanks for reaching out!

It’s awesome to hear that you are focusing on integrating WCAG 2.1 into drupal core. This will be a huge win for the open source community.

Drupal is integrated in Australia in many different ways, some users will roll their own, others will use a pre existing tool like aGov or GovCMS. In the past we have worked with aGov and GovCMS to help integrate the design system. We are looking forward to collaborating with them again in the future to implement a drupal 7 and 8 base theme.

Our approach with implementing WCAG 2.1 is to bake accessibility into our components. What you are proposing is a tool to change all of the components which would be out of scope for this product.

Our design system is platform agnostic which means we are trying to focus on the basics and let people do any platform specific changes on their end.

It might be beneficial to touch base with the GovCMS team. I would also like to introduce you to @toby.bellwood the GovCMS technical services manager.

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Thanks, and hi @mgifford - happy to talk about what we’re doing in GovCMS more - dig me out on the Drupal Slack, or any of the methods at


Thanks Andy & Toby. I’ll find you in the Drupal world.

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