Draft Terms of Reference - please review!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much to those who came along to our meet up today. It was a very robust discussion and wonderful to have so many new faces :heart:

Please find attached our draft Terms of Reference, a guidance document for members so we all know what to expect and what we want to get out of our community for the next year.

Draft Terms of Reference_2020.pdf (174.6 KB)

Please review and leave your comments below by 14 August 2020

Also, an original ToR I found from 2018 made mention of creating a journey map, visualizing the process of implementing a chatbot - from first considerations, design, launch and through to maintenance and review. Would something like this be useful for the community in present day? How would you use something like this? Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

Marita :smiley: