Document Verification Service (DVS)

Hi All,

We are looking at ID verification through DVS and especially interested in anyones experience in designing the Birth Certificates section and would love to hear from you!

Hi Priyani, in terms of UX/UI design take a quick look at this thread Identification / Driver’s Licence
Can’t speak for service design or implementation.

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Hi Priyani,
We did some work on this as part of the Digital Identity Alpha project. It’s probably the most challenging of all the DVS documents to design for (which you’re no doubt aware of if you’ve looked at the DVS verification of them). Birth certificate (and other BDM documents) are the most error prone to capture. Because of the variations across states and years it’s not easy to show examples of field positions in the UI for every combination. Even trained DHS staff have noted the difficulties in accurately entering the data.

Depending on how far you’re able to take the UI, I’d suggest the following:

  • Capture date of birth
  • Capture State of registration
  • Ask whether their birth certificate is an original or re-issued
    Based on that, you’ll know the format of the form. You’ll then need to decide how much guidance you can provide to help them locate the field.

The pattern we were using for Identity documents was to use the image with a pointer for each field (the Driver’s Licence example that @svict4 shared is an example of this). This is problematic for Birth Certificate because of the huge variance in the DVSable fields per State / per year. If your service was able to identify an age range of the majority of users of your service, that might help to narrow down the work.

I’d also ensure that in your copy users are aware that they need to enter details from a full birth certificate - not an extract. We ran many research sessions and asked participants to bring in their birth certificates and many (mostly older) people only had extracts.

Hope this is of some help. It’s really a difficult problem.


Hi Priyani,
DHS has implemented DVS for a range of documents including birth certificates in Provider Digital Access (PRODA). You can create a PRODA account using the URL below and see the design for yourself. It is used in NDIS, Child Care Subsidy and Health Professional Online Service. You don’t have to link it to any government services.

Anyone picking up this thread looking for some more guidance on birth certificates and DVS, we’ve put some guidance on how we’ve solved (much) of this problem here: