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The websites I have managed over the last decade of working for local government have had 100’s if not 1000’s of documents, primarily PDFs, available for download.

A component that can manage and display these documents goes a long way in keeping this mammoth under control.

Things that I looked for in a website document manager have been:

  • Set up categories and subcategories
  • Schedule publish/unpublished/delete date and time
  • Be able to replace/update an existing document
  • Be fully searchable
  • Display on the front-end a list of documents within a category, sub-category or all categories
  • Create front-end individual links or lists of selected documents no matter what category they may be in (eg using the document ID)
  • Set access privileges on documents
  • Batch Uploads to a category
  • Document name automatically taken from file name (extension removed), with an ability to rename a document is the file name was poorly considered
    *icon for filetypes (e.g PDF, EXCEL, WORD, WAV, MP4 etc)


Hi @fionam, thanks for the post.

The Design System supplies a system/framework for designing and building user interfaces. At no point would it be likely to provide the full software/backend solution you are looking for.

Given your requirements it sounds more like the features of a Content Management System. Have you looked at ?

But! We would however look into how files/downloads are displayed to end-users in an accessible way. (Closest to your last dot-point.) :slight_smile:


Thanks Trevor.


Thanks for the referral @treb, and hi @fionam!

I’m the Technical Services Manager for GovCMS - we provide content management and website hosting for all levels of government, based on Drupal.

I agree that 8/9 points are probably best covered in the backend system - and this is where we provide a service to provide the content into a frontend based on the design system.

We’ve got a contact us form on the website, but feel free to reach out to me (or us) if you want more info.


Toby Bellwood


Thanks Toby,

We are in the very early stages (read no allocated funding) of developing a new website but I am very keen to explore this particular CMS if/when we get the opportunity.