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Hi everyone,

The question of which design tool/software is such a recurring one, I cannot believe this hasn’t been discussed here already. Alas I couldn’t find any relevant thread so I’m starting this one with this first question:

Do you know of any government department using the design tool Figma in any official capacity?

I’m going through IT security assessment for my team at DESE and any help would be appreciated.


We’re not allowed to install software so can’t help you. Good luck.

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Hi Etienne,

Chiming in here to share our endorsement of Figma publicly. DTA uses Figma for many products, including Design System, Observatory, Digital Marketplace and ICT Procurement Portal, among others.

@BrianF Figma is entirely web based, no need for installation, just access to the site from a browser on their compatibility list (MS Edge included). It’s also just a very good design tool, so if you’re looking for something like that, give it a go!

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