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Design Principles


Do you have a list of design principles or considerations you use when putting together your components - our designers will have a few components we will need to create beyond the UI kit and would be good to match to your style with reference materials.


Hey @DouglasCross we have a lot of work to do in the documentation space for customising and making new components. That being said I’ll try my best to help you out here :slight_smile:

In terms of style the core component contains our typography, spacing and colour functionality. We recommend using this component and overriding the variables to apply new values throughout the system. This will give you a consistent and scalable approach to building and modifying components.

We also have sketch file for designers which provides a way to make a quickly modifiable design using the components. This file will allow you to replace fonts, use spacing grids based off the design systems functions and use or modify existing components. You can get more information here:

Design principles ( what we use internally )

Consistent over uniform

The components follow a consistent spacing, style and colour system. However these should be flexible and customisable.

Hard work to make it simple

We always look to solve the problem at it’s core, make the solution scalable.

Open by default

Research, design, documentation, code, goals and conversations should all be in the open, we always can learn from others.

Accessibility baked-in

Accessibility is a part of the process from the beginning to the end.


Users live in remote areas with poor internet connection, we must focus on efficient, performant components.

Australian Government Design System - Design Principles

@DouglasCross - Do you think that the components you’re creating would be generic enough to be useful to other agencies?


@Patrick - We will have to wait and see.


Would you be comfortable sharing your thoughts and prototypes in a thread here to see if it aligns with any work that’s already been done by other teams?

It’s possible someone can give you a head start on the components you want to build.


@patrick - I was intending to pass the information on. I am not the driving force behind these components.

If I find I am responsible for the design of any components, and if I think they are generic enough I will post something up.