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Design library


Hey everyone we have sketch files available for the design system. Feel free to check them out:

You can get the sf pro display system font here:

It is also on sketch cloud here:


His all,

I was just wondering if anyone knows of an Axure widget library of Design System components available anywhere, and if not, would that be a useful thing for anyone?


Hi @stephenwho, currently we don’t have an axure port of the design system components.

Having a quick google you may be able to convert the above sketch file into a usable axure file, using this tool.


Realy nice work!

Can the document be placed also on Sketch Cloud?
It has value even for people who don’t have Sketch app.


That is a great idea. I don’t have the latest version of sketch right now. I’ll see what I can do :+1:


Here is a link, I also added it to the first comment. Let me know if you can not use it or have any problems!


Working fine.
Only one problem spotted about overflowing text content. Most obvious on the examples at menu names.

Same happen for me, but I have not yet installed the provided font.


Yeah I have noticed these this morning when I uploaded. They look okay locally to me. I will have to have a look into fixing that up at a later date, I have put a link to the font family in the first comment as well.


Hi @stephenwho, we’re actually working on DTA system components for Axure currently. Whilst its in the early stages, I’m happy to pass on what we’ve completed.


Great. Would like to see what you have.

I’m working on an Axure library for our Pena-Based applications and it would be good to be able to have something similar for feeding I to our Intranet project.