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Date picker

myGov Beta component

This component is a date field with a calendar element. A user may type the date directly into the field or pick a day from the calendar drop down.

Note for mobile devices: In the build, the decision was made to remove the calendar element on mobile for 2 reasons:

  • Accessibility issue with screen readers on iOS failing to announce the correct title when clicking into the date input in the calendar,
  • and to avoid a clash with the native keyboard appearing at the same time.

Rationale for submission:
Extension of either: ‘Select’ or ‘Text inputs’

UX owner: N/A
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:

Sketch file:
DTA-08-Date picker.sketch (412.1 KB)

This looks good. How can a user change month or year without clicking right/left arrows multiple times?

Hi @kulpreet, currently there are only the left/right arrows to navigate between the months/years. It is most suitable for dates that are more recent, rather than a DOB for example. However, the user can also freely type the date into the field without using the date picker.

You have a good point though - there’s potential to improve on the date picker with more ease of navigating between larger time periods.