aka MAGDA Update

The Open Data team at the DTA has been collaborating with Data61/CSIRO on MAGDA.

MAGDA is a modern platform built to power a new generation of data portals. Its goal is to improve on the existing portals and management solutions in a number of areas:

  • Discoverability of high-quality and relevant data (particularly through search)
  • Automatic derivation, repair and/or enhancement of data and metadata
  • Seamless federation across multiple data sources
  • Collaboration between data providers and users, as well as between users themselves
  • Visualisation of data in the medium that best suits it - allowing easily customisable visualisations rather than text-based tables.
  • An ecosystem that allows extensions in any programming language
  • An easy installation and setup process

MAGDA is a solution for any problem that involves a collection or collections of datasets that need to be searched over, discussed and/or viewed in a single place. It doesn’t matter what format the data is in, how well-formed the metadata is, where the data is stored or in how many places, MAGDA can either work with it or be extended to do so.


Thanks Adam, you can also see MAGDA in action at

It’s not quite latest build, but it’s not too far off, and gets updated about once a week.