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Communities of practice

Dashboard - Notifications

myGov Beta component

This component displays single or multiple notifications in the top-right of the authenticated Dashboard page.

If there are multiple, these overlay each other (second appears partly visible behind first) and can be viewed by navigating with the left and right arrow buttons as a carousel.

Types of notifications:

  • Login (external link)
  • No CTA (not clickable)
  • Custom icon
  • Empty state (no notifications)
  • Highlight (error/alert)
  • Highlight (warning)
  • Highlight (success)
  • API member service
  • API error state

Rationale for submission:

Extension of ‘Card’.

Notifications are different to the standard ‘Card’ as they are used in an authenticated state and communicate information or tasks relevant to the user.

UX owner: Tobias Ogle
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:

Component variations

Desktop page

Mobile page

Sketch file:
DTA-17-Dashboard-Notifications.sketch (2.6 MB)