Conversation as an integration pattern

Hi all, I’m keen to discuss all things conversational with peers. We’ve been working on connecting fragmented corporate systems using ‘conversation’ to connect HR, finance, security and business intelligence systems. To me this approach offers a new kind of architectural pattern for systems integration and extending the life of existing investments. Wondering if anyone else is doing this?

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I remember university of Canberra used ‘live tiles’ with Azure to get parts of the system to speak to other parts - that might be a good place to start.

Sounds interesting, can you share more details? I have looked into this in the corporate side of the fence but not really seen projects like this in the government sector.

We’ve implemented a conversational interface for JIRA and other task based systems. Its more geared toward helping users with ‘how do i’ type activities that are often defined in policies, intranet etc. The conversation might follow a path of user understanding a policy or procedure and the bot offering to kick something off for them which can then be tracked. We are now able to stream internal users via a conversation with a bot that has policy and SOP content into a workflow… Adaptive cards is working nicely. looking at travel, onboarding, and potential for other processes. What i like is that the between system integration is designed using a ‘bot’ layer which is task based around user needs. I’m just not sure if others are doing similar or what their experience is.

I assume that there are analytics associated with the bot that is being used to help improve the services/information provided to the users?

Just looking at some of the options available in this space:

Do you feel like the need to have a conversational interface for JIRA comes the ‘looseness’ of the workflow developed, the complexity and depth of the content/information or the usability of the application or something else?

I haven’t found a very user-driven need for chatbot interfaces, unless it is something that is meant to serve as an in-between for online chat and improvements to the information architecture and user interface programs of work.