Consultancies for building service design capability in NSW Government

Hi Community, over the past year, our Department has started to use the Guides and Design Standards here to initiate a change in the way we do things. We are now in the position to drive uplift of our UX offerings and scale them across the Department.

I am wondering who here has led such an exercise and which vendor did you hire to help you?


Hi @Di-JusticeNSW,
It’s great to know that you’re using Guides and the DSS.

what are you looking to achieve? I’m not sure what you mean by ‘drive uplift of UX offerings’. Are you perhaps looking to hire UX trained staff, develop UX skills in your department, or something else? :smiley:

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Hi Alexandra, thanks for your question. We are looking to develop a strategy / roadmap of how we become a mature practice. How we mandate standards and guides and with what capacity we engage with various business units across the department to offer assistance with UX. Will the approach be different for digital services as opposed to websites and how the different teams owning those interact etc. We really need someone that has assessed the landscape in government and provided a clear way forward - making recommendations for teams/processes and technology etc.

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Hello - this is an old thread - but wondering if have you been in touch with the digital.nsw team in DFSI? :slight_smile: