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Component styles overriding SCSS (style variables not working)

Hi there,

I’m using the aus gov design system and have reset the color SCSS variables to override the defaults.
The problem I am facing is that the component styles.css file is taking precedence, however it is not updating when I change the SCSS color variables. See screenshot

Here you can see that the styles.css file takes precedence, and the _module.scss file which actually has the variables doesn’t get shown. So the issue is that the styles.css file is not updated to the latest color change. My global-style.scss looks like this:

// vars look like this
// Dark theme overrides
$AU-colordark-foreground-text: #ffffff !default;
$AU-colordark-foreground-action: #ffffff !default;
$AU-colordark-foreground-focus: rgba(#13e241, 0.3) !default;
$AU-colordark-background: #a41946 !default;

// Light theme overrides
$AU-color-foreground-text: #313131 !default;
$AU-color-foreground-action: #a41946 !default;
$AU-color-foreground-focus: #9263de !default;
$AU-color-background: #ffffff !default;

// 1. Configuration and helpers
@import './abstracts/variables'; // aus gov vars here
@import './abstracts/mixins.scss';
@import './abstracts/normalize';
@import './abstracts/helpers.scss';
@import '../../pancake/sass/pancake.scss';

Am I missing something, I run npx pancake and it generates fresh pancake files, but the styles.css files of the components in the node_modules do not get updates with the latest Sass variables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sounds like it might be related to this.