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Communities of practice

City of Darwin's AI Quick Start Guide

The City of Darwin has developed an online AI quick start guide at:

This guides helps local government agencies and businesses better understand their AI readiness. This was built by City of Darwin in partnership with Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore based on their Model AI Governance Framework and the Australian Computer Society. The guide enables decision-makers in organisations to quickly assess and scrutinise your organisation’s AI readiness and capabilities for a proposed Third party or internally developed AI solution.

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As Australia develops its digital economy into the future, businesses must get familiarised with new and evolving technologies to expand beyond their physical location and compete on a global scale in the digital space. Australian businesses can greatly benefit from technology while customers can be confident that systems and processes are in place to ensure artificial intelligence’s ethical use.

Completing this guide allows organisations to understand and address governance, infrastructure, communication, and skills gaps, shortlist viable AI vendors, refer industry resources and ultimately be confident in their delivery of effective, appropriate and people-centric AI projects.