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Communities of practice

Carousel - Icon

myGov Beta component

This component consists of individual cards which turn into a carousel at a certain number of cards.

The ‘Icon’ card has a white container which consists of a service logo, heading, description and CTA. On hover, the arrow animates by moving right 10px.

The carousel includes left and right arrow buttons to navigate between rows of cards.

On mobile, only one card maximum will display at a time. Any additional cards can be viewed by navigating with the arrow buttons.

Rationale for submission:

The carousel component provides the user the opportunity to explore content that is relevant to them.

Specifically, the ‘Icon’ carousel is designed for linking to services or tasks relating to a service.

Extension of ‘Card’. Prior conversation at Responsive Image Slider / Carousel.

UX owner: Jess Taylor
VD owner: Tamati Currie

InVision link:

See ‘Most viewed’ carousel on Homepage:



Sketch file:
DTA-11-Carousel-Icon.sketch (567.8 KB)