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Card component

I was asked to build a site using your guide and I have a need for a card component. The current documentation does not have such a component, however surprisingly it is using one (au-card). Is this simply missing from the doc or unsupported?

See attached screenshot.

Hi @srivest - welcome to the Design System community! Thanks for taking the time to register and ask this question.

The current documentation notes that the Card component is “In Progress”:

There are a handful of other early-release UI elements we’re using across the site that don’t yet have fully-documented or fully-tested component-level equivalents. The horizontal-nav tabs are another example.

We’ve got a link from that component to another thread in the community where the discussion is well under way. Feel free to contribute further at:

You’ll see some more in-depth discussion and code examples there, along with some links to examples where community members are experimenting with putting the WIP version of the cards component into production.

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Redirected enquiry to relevant thread.