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Communities of practice

Campaign/landing page template

Standalone landing page for dedicated marketing campaigns designed to ‘convert’. Containing elements of what make up best practice landing page, i.e.

Thanks for the reference @hergs, have you had a chance to use any of these patterns in an Australian Government context?

We created a campaigns ‘hub’ to standardise, template and expedite the delivery of campaigns: It uses UI Kit v1 (pre-dates v2) on govCMS.


Hi @treb

Have used the elements as reference in a number of dedicated campaigns including

…but not following a consistenty UI Kit as per the great examples from @downeymilo



I like how that top navigation bar reappears as soon as you start to scroll up, you don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top, but it still gets out of the way as you are scrolling down so more of the viewport is available. Clever .

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