Calling all Product Owners!

I’m in the process of developing a new operational strategy for a public facing digital service. It’s previously been considered internally as ‘just a website’. But in truth, it’s always been more than ‘just a website’, and is now visibly evolving to be so much more to our organisation.

Looking to connect with Product Owners (of both internal and public facing services) out there who are willing to share their experiences and approaches to digital service management. I’m wanting to use the information to prepare case studies on what digital service management looks like out there in the broader APS - this will be for internal agency use only.

An example of what I mean by this, would be to understand how agencies manage a product/service that might have multiple touch points with divisions/branches/teams within an agency (and perhaps externally), each with a policy agenda that impacts the operation of the service in some way i.e. policies that effectively determine new features or enhancements.

If you can help, let’s have a chat!

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Hey Jon,

I’m an Agile coach over at the ATO.

My POs are currently responsible for something called the Digital Experience (DXP) program of work, which translates to a complete rebuild and replatforming of

As you say it’s not just a website, nor a simple redesign. Rather a multitude of individual customer experiences and countless touchpoints that need to be brought together. Currently it’s a disjointed mess.

We’re in discovery and bringing together every business line in the ATO, representing their core client base ranging from individuals, tax professionals, small business etc. From memory this represents about 14 million clients.

Hit me up if you want to kick around our approach, how we’re helping our POs be great, and how we’re tracking.


Thanks for your reply Phil. Sounds like a very challenging, yet exciting work program to be involved with. I’ll send you a private message with a view to setting up a chat, as it would be great to learn more about your approach.