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Call to Action Link



Please provide any feedback for the Call to Action Link component.

You can also view the component page on our documentation site for the Call to Action Link component.


Hello, firstly—this is a fantastic kit—I’m in the process of adapting it into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s internal style guide for our UI overhaul. Thanks for you and your team’s hard work!

One very small suggestion I had regarding the CTA component was if it would be better categorised underneath the Buttons overview, as it falls under that category a bit more than being a standalone component, in my opinion.


Welcome to the community Dan :smiley:

We are trying our best to keep our components code as small as possible. Due to this the CTA link code and button code is vastly different. One has icons and animation, the other has borders.

I do understand how there is some overlap but we felt at the time there wasn’t enough to warrant it as a variation of buttons.

Currently our tags for the component are interactive and navigation. Do you think it would make more sense adding a new tag for the component?


That’s a fair enough justification.

There are quite a lot of components that fall under the Interactive tag, but it’s hard to justify an additional tag for the component when it could cause confusion, since you’re right about the ambiguity of a CTA falling under the link or button description.

Thanks for the response, have a great afternoon Alex.