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Browsing available data

Probably a stupid question, but: how can I see what data is available through the API?

No such thing as stupid questions Matt!

The worked example in our user guide gives a good run through of finding a dataflow and constructing a data request.

This API call will give you a list of all dataflows available: A dataflow can be thought of similar to a table of data, dataflows are what you call in the API to get data back.

If you save the XML output of that API call then drag it into Excel you can get a more ‘human readable’ list of dataflows available.

Thanks Hugh.

I have worked a bit with ABS APIs in the past - I am the author of an R package ( that uses the old ABS Time Series Directory (which also serves XML) to find and download time series spreadsheets. But I’ve found it a bit hard to get my head around this beta API for some reason. Thanks for the links.