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Browser support in 2019


Hi all. I’m wondering, in 2019, what browsers are your teams actively looking to support and build for? Do you have a rule such as “the last two updates” or “browsers still receiving security updates”?

I understand the design system supports back to IE8, but I’m not sure we would want to spend the time to iron out bugs in an old browser no longer receiving security updates.

It would be great if anyone could share if they are displaying a message on older browsers advising users they do not support this browser and they may not see all the features of the site.

Also, as internal systems in gov can be a bit behind, does anyone know of any agencies default browsers being below IE11?


Last I looked at our (GovCMS) stats, around 8.75% of users to our ~150 managed sites were from IE (plus ~4.75% Edge).

Of this 8.75%, over 8.5% were on IE11 - meaning that <IE10 was less than 0.25% (lower than Opera) - (and a large chunk of those appear to be related to browser/security testing)

I think the incidence of <IE11 is much lower than it previously was - there’s no real indicators of Gov agencies hitting sites (en-masse) from <IE11 anymore.


Hey @Nathan.McDowell,

We had a really good discussion about this in the community meetup earlier this year. The question was raised whether or not we should add support back to IE8. The conclusion we reached as a group was that while the number of users on browsers less than IE11 was quite small, these users are often quite disadvantaged. And when you take a small percentage and apply it to a large number of hits across government sites, it is quite significant. The way we thought about it, it wasn’t that much extra effort for us to tweak some code to add support for these users.

In terms of messages, I’m not so sure. But I went on some sites using IE8 and here are some of the messages they use. I really like the one, they explain what a browser is and link to where they can go to update. They even have the option to close the notification, should the user wish to ignore the message.

Hope that helps


From February 2019
Internet Explorer 12.68%
Internet Explorer 11 11.96%
Internet Explorer 9 0.59% (Internet Explorer 9 is the last version of Internet Explorer to be supported on Windows Vista and Windows 7 without Service Pack 1)
Internet Explorer 8 0.06%
Internet Explorer 7 0.06%
Internet Explorer 10 0.02%