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AUSGOV compliance with metadata standards



Hi all, we here at Department of Health are putting together a new GovCMS website and I am wondering who has any guidance on implementing the best metadata documentation that is in line with the AUSGOV minimum metadata standards as defined by our friends ay the NAA. I am a huge fan of metadata and its application. TIA for any guidance on the best way to capture the metadata elements we need to be compliant. Regards, Jenni


Hey @TheJenster, this is not my area of expertise, but I found an example template from the AGLS site that may help? Anybody else have any thoughts ?


Hi all, I ended up getting in touch with our records management folks and they concur with you sukhraj.ghuman and say to use this handy metadata generator ! Enjoy folks and be AUSGOV and NAA compliant !
TTFN Jenni