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Communities of practice

Aristotle Metadata Registry webinar: security and authentication - 30 November

I’m cross posting this from our own metadata community as its of interest to the Government open-data community.

Join us for an Aristotle feedback session and preview of upcoming features that improve how we keep your metadata secure in the cloud.

Later this month we’re releasing new features that make it easier for users to control how you secure your account, your metadata and your registry. During this feature feedback session we are going to cover new features including:

  • Learn how to secure your account using multi-factor authentication to improve the security of your account
  • Learn how to configure enterprise single sign-on so clients can centralise how users log in to Aristotle
  • Learn how to setup Metadata Security Policies in Aristotle to control who can edit and delete metadata
  • Learn how to setup a secure custom domain for your registry to provide your users with confidence in their site

This talk is aimed at all users of data & metadata, so we’ll be running a short introduction to Aristotle and security to help you understand these terms in a way that will help you secure all your online accounts - not just your Aristotle Metadata Registry!

For people who missed out, we made a recording of this webinar that can be shared around.