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Is there a place to suggest APIs for adding to the list at

If not, perhaps this thread will suffice?

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Bureau of Meteorology’s Space Weather API

Thanks Gordon, good idea.

I’ll try to reach out to someone in BOM and drum up some interest.

Thanks Gordon, I was just looking for a “suggest an existing API” just the other week!

There’s a lot of health-related APIs spread across a large number of agencies (so many agencies) and it’s a sector that is exploding and getting a more and more political attention.

Of interest to me right now is AHPRA’s registrar API but I know there’s a lot of small ad hoc APIs that I’ll need.

Maybe it’s worth contacting Digital Health Agency to add their already comprehensive list of software products and hopefully the smaller agencies will fall in line.

Would a good place to list agencies that are somewhat at arm’s length to the APS? Thinking would be very popular, even though it’s already well documented on their own website.

The Australian Competition and and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has a draft API for their Consumer Data Right (CDR) open for consultation: