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API to load from TableBuilder?

I’ve made a webapp that loads census data and constructs a range of visualisations.

Most of the data in there I got from TableBuilder. I’d like to be able to load (or queue) data available in TableBuilder without navigating the interface. It looks like the Data API doesn’t do this - looks like only already-created datasets are available - but it is likely to in the future?

Hi Eric, thanks for your enquiry and I fully understand the need for Table Builder to have an API. Currently there are no short term plans to develop this API requirement for the micro data in Table Builder.

You are also correct in that the Data API is our dissemination tool for both economic and demographic predefined aggregated and confidentialised macro datasets. The released Census Tables are structured and contain the same data as the Census Profiles and all other tables are defined and structured by consultation with ABS business teams and users.

I hope this has been of assistance.

Jim Dentrinos ABS API team