API conference

Hi all, I’m posting this on behalf of my colleague Megan Vassarotti.
If you are interested in participating or if you have colleagues who might be interested please pass this on.

API days is on in Melbourne on 3-4th September. Off the back of this conference, the Victorian Government API strategy team is planning to host a collaboration day for the government sector to discuss API strategy.

The proposed date is Wednesday 5th September for a full day session.

The purpose of this day is to gain an understanding of the API programs being run across Australian Governments and identify potential collaboration points to start to develop a shared vision for API in Australia.

The inputs to the development of the vision include:

a consistent view of APIs for citizens/partners across all agencies
AU government role in the development of API standards globally (OpenAPI v3/ RAML)
Shared governance models
The role of APIs in Open Data

In order to ensure that the day is useful for those who attend we are seeking your input to design the day and spread the word to appropriate people in your governments (if that is not you)

Can you advise on the following:

  1. Are you interested in attending in person or attending remotely?

  2. Does Wednesday 5th September work for you?

  3. What content you would be most interested in with regards to an API strategy ?

a. Business Strategy
API Producer / Consumer engagement (who is engaging / who isn’t)
Key use cases
Operational Model (Operations / Governance / Support / Pricing)

b. Technology Strategy
Technology offering & capability
Selected Vendor / Software
Feature Roadmap

c. Both Business and Technology

Please also specify if you would be interested in sharing any content on the day.

Please respond by COB Friday 17 August 2018 so we have enough time to effectively plan the day.

reply to megan.vassarotti@dpc.vic.gov.au