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Is there an available developer API of AFSL holders (Australian Financial Services License)?
Building a platform and need to verify Financial Advisers prior to giving them access.
Ideally also need details of the AFSL’s financial Adviser who is registered under the AFSL as a Financial Adviser with an “Authorised Representative Number”
Both are registered through ASIC.

Please advise


Hello yourwealth,

I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about that API.
If it does exist, I think it would be offered by ASIC.
I did a quick search online and found the Financial Advisers Register.
Maybe that is the right area for you to look into.



Hi @yourwealth, there is an Australian Financial Services License dataset on ( According to the description the dataset is updated monthly as it’s a CSV there is an underlying CKAN API available for the data (*%20from%20"d98a113d-6b50-40e6-b65f-2612efc877f4"%20LIMIT%205)