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ANZSIC code search API giving 504 error

Hi team,

Thanks for the wonderful API’s which are very useful. I was trying to use ANZSIC code search API for my personal project. I was trying to use the requests package in Python to use the API. No matter whatever method I use like post,get, the API is always returning 504 error. I am using jupyter notebook and python version of 3.7.

The same API is perfectly working fine when I use it in a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. What could be the problem? Can someone assist me, please?


I even tried in the below way but it is always 504 error

URL = ''

response =, data=json.dumps(params), headers={'content-type': 'application/json'})

Hi @ujwal, to help us investigate, can you please provide a timestamp for when you got this error?