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Acknowledging contributors

Hello, My name is Misaki and I work as a designer for the service manual team at NHS Digital.
We’re looking to incorporating a component that shows the faces of our contributors like you have on your website and was hoping to learn from the community. I have a few questions that I haven’t managed to find answers for after rooting around the contributing guidelines, and was wondering whether you could help me.

Q.1 Would a comment class as a large enough contribution to have your face shown as a contributor?
Q.2 Are there any instances of a team photo being pulled instead of a photo of someone who did a lot of the initial work?
Q.3 Has there been any feedback about how designers/developers feel about this component?

Would really appreciate any input from the community!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @misakihata - welcome to the community, and thanks for your questions!

There’s some background on why this element came about on the DTA blog:

Also from the blog post:

Because our contributions can take many forms, we needed a different way to recognise the hard work that goes into maintaining and growing our design system. After some experimentation, we decided to use contributor badges on each component. The core design system team curates the contributor badges and to avoid the appearance of hierarchy we randomise the order in which they appear. We also seek approval from each individual or team of contributors so we can link to an appropriate profile or government site.

Comments on GitHub issues or forum threads can take many forms - sometimes a single one-line comment or a reference to an external article is sufficient to propel an issue forwards and offer considerable value to the community and the overall project. Inclusion in the contributors list is considered on a case-by-case basis, and not every contributor may want to be included.

Not every contribution can be accepted, but every contribution can be attributed. Attribution already takes the form of associating a GitHub/Discourse/Slack username alongside each and every comment, but the “Contributors” badge might best be regarded as a “featured and accepted” contribution.

No. The randomisation of appearance order (and “click to expand full list”) functionality allows us to list many contributors - we haven’t run up against any upper limits (yet).

Extract from the blog post:

We heard from our users that they’re concerned about ownership and recognition of shared work. We want the design system to be a community orientated open-source product. To encourage developers and designers to engage in the community, we accept contributions from anyone willing to donate their time.

Our users often told us that they have a strong sense of pride in their work and they appreciate when people recognise their efforts. During usability testing, many of the participants made positive comments about the contributors section. They saw it as a way of showing gratitude for their time and effort. When asked if it would influence their decision to contribute back to the design system, some suggested it would encourage them to take part in the community.

All that being said, if you think that we could/should make updates to our contribution guide to better articulate how and why we acknowledge contributors, feel free to make suggestions below, or as a GitHub ticket.