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Access to Information images/patterns


Just wondering if anyone knows what the standard is to show “Access to Information” links/pages/documents.

There are three key pages that must be on an agency’s (note, not program) website:

  • Information Publication Scheme
  • FOI Disclosure Log
  • Public Interest Disclosure Scheme

From what I’ve seen, there are varying levels of implementation across the APS.
Most sites simply link to each of the individual pages from the footer.

Sometimes agencies link to a landing page of sorts for “freedom of information”
For example, DTA has a link under the About Us heading.

Sometimes that link is in the form of an image.
For example, the OAIC has an image in the footer: (the text is white)

Other times, agencies have an image for each of the different pages, often this is because they don’t have a central “landing page”. For example, the Ombudsman site has the following images:

Information Publication SchemeFOI Disclosure LogPublic Interest Disclosure Scheme

Finally some websites have the old images such as or

Anyone have an idea on the best way forward? I like the idea of the images in the bottom in a footer. Does anyone have hi-res versions of these images?


When the FOI details were first set up, it came with guidance on logos and links. I’d suggest contacting directly for guidance (I couldn’t find it on their website).


Thanks @Bri

Ombudsman got back to me, advice is: use them!
Guidance is available for agencies building/maintaining these pages.

The homepage of an agency’s website should link to other pages that explain how the public can obtain information or documents from the agency. The OAIC endorses two means for doing this

OIAC refers to the logos as “icons” and are indeed available on their website (takes some digging) Footer is the most common area for the icons.

For the “Public Information Disclosure” icon, there is an RGB variant and a CMYK variant, both in esp format.