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Access to data for 2 specific government agencies

Hi there,
I am a postgrad student currently researching employee engagement results for 2 specific government agencies (ie, Dept of Treasury and Royal Australian Mint).
Alas, none of those 2 agencies are listed as selection criteria and I was wondering if someone could confirm if this means that no data is available for those 2 agencies on this website.
Many thanks,
Michael Jacquin

Can’t see anything - there is data from state treasury departments though if that helps :frowning:

Hi Alex,
Many thanks for taking the time to check and even more so, for taking the time to respond with some suggestions.
As the scope of my research is spanned at a federal level, the state treasury data would not be adequate for inclusion.
Accordingly, I have filed a FOI request to the Dept of the Treasury and to the Royal Australian Mint so hopefully, I will get something meaningful back.
On a related topic, I must admit that I see the usefullness of the digital data website and wish that there was legislation for all state and federal government agencies to upload key data to this website.
Also, keep up the great work.


is it worth contacting the APSC? They release a report every year on the APS. They may be able to assist.
kind regards,

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