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Communities of practice

ABS.Stat beta API will be upgraded to communicate over HTTPS on Monday 24th of May 2021 9am-11am

Posts on this community have mostly focused on the new ABS Data API (Beta). However, for anyone still using the existing, ABS.Stat beta API, be aware the ABS is upgrading the API Endpoint to communicate over HTTPS.

The upgrade will take place between 9am-11am Monday 24 May 2021. From this point in time, any calls made to will be automatically redirected to As we cannot guarantee all API clients using HTTP will seamlessly operate with a (HTTP 301) redirect in place, at the above time or after, we strongly advise you to update your client configurations to directly call the HTTPS url,

If you would like to test your API client against a similar HTTPS API endpoint before the change, we suggest you make a test call against our secure ABS Data API Beta. Example URLs:

Please contact if you require more support to manage this change.