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ABS Json calls

My name is Dan Petrie and I have previously mapped the ABS Json data to get calls for retail sales, labour force and CPI. While the documentation here is very good, I am simply chasing an example of how the JSON calls will look with respect to the proposed calls being introduced.

Here is an example from the ABS.

If any one sees these posts, I have added in a JSON call for the CPI which you can bring into a google sheet. I will see if I can write some script which gives users a working example.

Happy to provide importjson script for a google sheet and to show anyone who is interest how to set up a call direct from the ABS into a google spreadsheet. Here is a link to the script for the google sheet.
ImportJSON/ at master · bradjasper/ImportJSON · GitHub and below is a formula to make an API call for the CPI data -

=ImportJSON(“","/”, “noInherit,noTruncate,noPrefixHeaders”)

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