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I’m working at DJPR and we want to use the new ABS API (beta version for now) to access current monthly labour force data. I have been given an authority key and had a look and played around with swagger trying to get some or any data out, but no luck. I’m not a novice but certainly no expert, so it’s possible I’m doing it wrong, but from doing a query of the data structure it looks to me as if the ABS API doesn’t actually have any of the monthly labour force data yet. Seems like they just linked a bunch of censor data in their beta version. I have sent an email to but no response yet. Does anybody here know anything about the ABS API and how to get some help with it? Is anyone doing any more seminars on how to use APIs? Also, if you can point me to any discussion groups or key people who might be able to help, that would be much appreciated! Many thanks in advance! Annett

Hi Annett,

I work in the APIs team at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Apologies for not responding to your earlier email, I couldn’t find it in our system.

Unfortunately, Labour Force data has not yet been released in the ABS Data API (Beta), our team is working to get this data available as soon as possible.

We recently updated the worked example on our documentation page to give a lot more detail on how to explore a dataflow and find all the information needed to construct an API call and get data.

The updated example is here:

Hopefully that guide will help you get started with the API. If you have further questions please email


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Hi Hugh, my name is Dan Petrie. Just wondering if you have any update on the Labour force data? Dan