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ABS API Feedback

Do you have feedback on any of the APIs from the Australian Bureau of Statistics? Got a great idea for an improvement or new feature? Post it here and use the like button to upvote feedback from others.


just a quick question about the new ABS sdmx api… do you really need FREQ as part of the dimensional key???
i would understand if you planned to mix different frequency data in the same cube, but (almost) all the sdmx API’s i have seen store only one frequency of data in each cube… would it be possible to ditch the FREQ dimension in favor of an attribute called "TIME_FORMAT’??? that seems to be a standard too… this way, i dont have to muck around with choosing from 10 different frequencies, when only one frequency applies to all the data in that cube…
it queries so much faster than the old api!!!
James Gardner.

Hi James,

The ABS has decided that for consistency and compliance with the SDMX standard, all time-series datacubes will have a frequency dimension.

Our convention is that if frequency is present, then it is always the last dimension in the key. If you leave frequency blank in the key, you will always return all frequencies available for that cube.

Great to hear you’re finding the new API faster than the old one!