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Communities of practice

Communities of practice

About the Suggest a Component category


Suggest a Component that doesn’t already exist in the Design System.


Guidance and how to contribute and join the discussion.

What are we doing?
We want to collaborate on good solutions to common design problems. It’s primarily for designers, researchers and front-end developers building services for WoAG.
Want to encourage teams to share their work, insights and learnings.
Help us be more efficient and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort between teams and making WoAG services more consistent.

How to propose a component for discussion?
Design patterns and components are evidence-based solutions to common design problems. The first step in contributing to GOLD is check the ‘Design Category’ for current topics and the ‘Suggest a Component Category’ then submitting your suggestion to the relevant category. See ‘Submission overview’ below for more info.

What type of service is it for?
We design for 3 service types…

What does the design process look like?
There is three stages of the design process. Below we cover what each stage means, overall guidance on what is required in terms of definitions of done and how you move a pattern to the next stage.

Design process stages

1. Suggestions (backlog):
The user need has been identified, but the approach to solving the problem may not yet have been decided. Identifies what user need the pattern or component solves.
If you’re proposing a content change, please include a complete draft of the content you’re recommending and explain how it reflects the conventions of GOLD. If you’re proposing minor changes - spelling corrections, corrections of typos, and so on - you can disregard this step.
Describes any primary or secondary research that supports the design problem and early insights in how it might be addressed.
Lists alternative patterns that support this user need (along with reasons why the submitted pattern is the best choice).
Includes a rendering of the design: a wireframe, design mock-up, interaction pattern, prototype, or (link to) a finished pattern.
Describes any other research that supports the user need
Show evidence of usability testing, user feedback, insights and design decisions taken, including interviews, prototypes used, artefacts and so on
Describes any primary or secondary research that supports this component (include who you tested with, what kind of research you conducted, and links to any supporting documentation, including interview protocols, prototype used, and so on).

2. In Progress
Component is generally usable, on multiple devices, for people with relatively “normal” digital literacy.
Pattern works in multiple configurations with other components in the GOLD Design System.
First draft of supporting documentation is written.

3. Released
The pattern has passed all heuristic assessments.
The design and build has been updated frequently in response to feedback, research and any evolving best practice.
The GOLD team has reviewed the UI component.
Component is usable, on multiple devices, by people with multiple disabilities (blind, low vision, cognitive disabilities, motor disabilities, low language skills, low digital literacy, and more).
Documentation, including context of use rationale, is complete.
Component is available for all WoAg service teams to test and report on.