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About the Automation category

Welcome to the online forum of the Whole of Government Community of Practice for Automation. Our goal is to help develop and establish Automation throughout the Australian Public Sector community, in order to enhance our service to the nation and its peoples. This community is open to all Public Sector organisations in Australia.

What do we mean by Automation? Automation is a broad subject and easily encompasses Automated Testing, massive data generation via Automation, the Automation of existing manual processes, and DevOps. As Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning become more prevalent we expect we’ll discuss that more as well. If in doubt, ask and we’ll see how it goes.

How will we help? We’ll share knowledge, examples, and contacts with each other, and we’ll also brainstorm solutions to problems we face in the Automation space. Where we can see value in running a physical discussion or presentation, we’ll do that too. Together we might find solutions or opportunities we’d miss alone.

Rules? Be civil and polite and please stay on topic.

This community is intended to be organic and self-organising. You don’t need to wait for approval to ask or propose something, and if you want to set up a meeting or run training, organise away and announce it here so others can come if they want.

Again Welcome - we hope this forum will assist you in your Automation journey.