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Communities of practice

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Design System

Uniting teams that create digital services, through inclusive design, open-source code and shared insights.

Cross-Discipline Community of Practice

The Cross-Discipline Community of Practice is open to everyone. It’s a place for all people working in government, educational institutions and industry practitioners, leaders, or people interested in design for government to share ideas, solve problems, connect to peers and work in the open.

Open Data

A community for people who work with open data in the Australian government and for those who develop, innovate or carry out research using Australia’s public datasets.

Conversational User Interfaces

I would like to welcome everyone to the Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) community of practice.

API and Data Exchange

The API and Data Exchange community is for anyone in government who wants to make government APIs better. It’s a place to connect and share information about creating and consuming government APIs.


Welcome to the online forum of the Whole of Government Community of Practice for Automation. Our goal is to help develop and establish Automation throughout the Australian Public Sector community, in order to enhance our service to the nation and its peoples. This community is open to all Public Sector organisations in Australia.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics community of practice exists to support government in the ethical use of AI technologies and the data required for these technologies. Our aim is to ensure that ethical use of AI technology is consistent across government.