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Support Reach out to colleagues using the Design System or pay-it-forward by helping others. Design Discuss implementations of the Design system, design problems and share new component design ideas. Community Discussions around the Design System community and community events GovCMS and Drupal Topics specific to implementing the Design System in GovCMS Released Components Provide feedback on any of the released components. In Progress Components Discuss or preview components while they are in development and testing. Suggest a Component Suggest a Component that doesn’t already exist in the Design System.
Roadmap discussion [Design System] (11)
Design system [Design System] (1)
Breadcrumbs [Released Components] (9)
Side nav ( 2 3 ) [In Progress Components] (40)
Core [Released Components] (9)
Responsive Image Slider / Carousel [Suggest a Component] (17)
Coding style standards [Design System] (9)
DrupalSouth Canberra later this year [GovCMS and Drupal] (1)
Select [Released Components] (4)
Icon selection and standardisation [Design] (9)
Tags [Released Components] (4)
Differences between version [Support] (7)
Iconography [Suggest a Component] (3)
Showcase! [Community] (3)
Table [In Progress Components] (20)
Feedback on custom color palette developer experience [Design] (2)
Pagination control [Suggest a Component] (2)
Winter community meetup 2018 [Community] (20)
Recommendations / best practices for using components with react router [Support] (5)
Buttons [Released Components] (4)
Tooltips [Suggest a Component] (6)
Cards [In Progress Components] (10)
Grid 12 [Released Components] (8)
Callout [Released Components] (2)
Body [Released Components] (11)
Feedback form [Suggest a Component] (7)
Skip Link [Released Components] (1)
Inpage nav [Released Components] (1)
Headings [Released Components] (1)
Animate [Released Components] (1)